Claudia White

 Thomasville City Schools is pleased to announce that Thomasville High School and Scholars Academy Class of 2019 senior Claudia White has been selected by the University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship Selection Committee as a Foundation Fellow for the Class of 2023.
     The University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship is the most prestigious honor awarded to its incoming first-year students. The Fellowship provides a stipend of $12,300 per year, renewable for a total of four years of full-time undergraduate study at the University. This stipend, combined with the Zell Miller Scholarship (currently worth $9,552 per year), is designed to approximate the typical student’s cost of attendance at the University. White will also receive a $614 housing supplement the first year.
     In addition, Foundation Fellows enjoy unique access to generous travel-study grants ($9,000), research/conference grants ($1,750), group travel-study (valued at $18,400), faculty dinner-seminars, book discussions, and other special programs. White is eligible to renew the Fellowship for up to a total of eight semesters/terms of funding from the University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship.
     White’s personal, academic, and extracurricular credentials are truly outstanding. The University of Georgia is confident that White will find that the its institution offers exceptional opportunities and challenges to enhance her college education. In addition to the Fellowship, White has also qualified for membership in the University Honors Program. Honors students and faculty have long attested to the unique value of the University Honors Program, which is recognized as one of the best in the country.