Harper Elementary 4th grade students engaged in Forensic Science  hands-on learning activities at Southern Regional Technical College. One of the mandatory career pathway lessons is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), which has an emphasis on Forensic Science and the types of careers for Forensic Scientists. Students connected their learning to a "mock crime scene." SRTC Criminal Justice Instructor Karen Murray graciously opened her doors to allow students to come in and put their skills to the test, as they entered a "crime scene" to try to find evidence to solve the crime. Students were provided a glimpse of how criminal investigators view the crime scene to look for clues and evidence. Murray was knowledgeable and related the task to the students’ career pathway. SRTC Assistant High School Coordinator/ Recruiter Laura Kelly spoke with the students about programs available at SRTC and the Dual Enrollment program to encourage them to aim for college courses while in high school. Harper has a growing relationship with community partners to give students exposure to using academic skills in everyday life.