Interventional Cardiologist Clay Sizemore, M.D. hosted Jamie Gammel’s Scholars Academy Biomedical Science class for an awesome experience in the Cardiology Department at Archbold Memorial Hospital.  Various members of Dr. Sizemore's team talked the students about their training and education as well as current responsibilities in their careers.  Students toured the Cardiology Department where they were able to watch a cardio catheterization procedure and an echocardiogram.  At the end of the field trip, Dr. Sizemore created three fictional patients, and students volunteered to portray the characters complaining of different types of chest pain. Students then had to guess the diagnosis of each character.  Right above:  Karley Jenkins, Madison Beasley, and Sydney Deutsch handle the actual equipment that would be used an angioplasty and stent insertion.  This catheter would be inserted in the artery of a patient and a balloon inflated on the end to open up a blocked vessel.  A stent would then be inserted to keep the vessel open. Left above:  Andrew Geyer, Carson Cochran, and Colin Refroe wear costumes as they take part in diagnosis scenarios.