Superintendent's Corner

Dr. Raymond L. Bryant, Jr.


Thomasville City Schools will have an unrelenting pursuit of "Academic Excellence with Caring for all Students"

These pursuits are amplified by our daily efforts to display the characteristics of our district Service Model "PSC2"

Professionalism (All personnel will be consummate professionals)

Support (Consistent)

Commitment (Committed to the work, no matter the role)

Communication (Effective, 2-way communication)

As TCS strives for "Academic Excellence with Caring for all Students" we are cognizant of the "5 Components of Success" that high performing school districts and schools exhibit pervasively and systemically.

  1. Competent Leadership

  2. Viable and Fertile Culture and Climate

  3. Comprehensive Assessment System

  4. Comprehensive MTSS System

  5. Comprehensive Professional Development System