“The mission of the Thomasville City Schools Federal Programs is to help empower all Title I schools to reach high levels of student achievement, classroom instruction, and building leadership as determined by state and national standards. We commit ourselves to develop a comprehensive system of support to assure these outcomes.”


“Thomasville City Schools will provide all Title I schools the resources to improve teaching and learning for increased student achievement based on state and national standards.”


Title I ("Title One"), a provision of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act passed in 1965, is a program created by the United States Department of Education to distribute funding to schools and school districts with a high percentage of students from low-income families. Funding is distributed first to state educational agencies (SEAs) which then allocate funds to local educational agencies (LEAs) which in turn dispense funds to public schools in need. Title I also helps children from families that have migrated to the United States and youth from intervention programs who are neglected or at risk of abuse. The act appropriates money for educational purposes for the next five fiscal years until it is reauthorized. In addition, Title I appropriates money to the education system for prevention of dropouts and the improvement of schools. These appropriations are carried out for five fiscal years until reauthorization.

Director of Federal Programs

Jennifer Turnbull


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