Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

It is the goal of the Thomasville City Schools Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment to provide our students with the highest quality of instruction possible. We want to support and enable teachers in our classrooms to ensure that all students reach their full potential and enable them to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Thomasville City Schools has adopted a custom approach towards curriculum and instruction by focusing on meeting the needs of every individual student. Since the creation of the Thomasville City School District in 1900, the system has been dedicated to providing an education of the highest quality. Beyond this dedication to excellence in education the Thomasville City School district has pushed beyond offering a standard basic education towards a custom and meaningful education so that all students can reach their full potential. As part of this custom approach that began in 2006, the Thomasville City Schools district continues to create programs that open opportunities for every student to achieve at the highest level. The foundation of these programs is centered on knowing our students both academically and personally by building relationships with every student. This student focused approach allows the district to listen for and understand the needs of our students and their parents.

Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment Staff

Dr. Sharonda Wilson

Director of Curriculum and Instruction (K-5)

Dr. Clark Harden

Director of Curriculum and Instruction (6-12)

Mrs. Katie McCloud

Assessment and Accountability Coordinator

Mrs. Virginia Ballard

Instructional Technology Specialist

Ms. Lakeisha Coleman

Teacher Support Specialist

Mrs. Lamona Bryant

Instructional Coach (Harper Elementary)

Mrs. Charlotte Donald

Instructional Coach (THS)

Mrs. Zondra Goosby

Instructional Coach (MPMS)

Mrs. Samantha Green

Instructional Coach (Scott Elementary)

Ms. Julie Rasmussen

Instructional Coach (Scott Elementary)