Referrals may be made by anyone (parents, teachers, or other knowledgeable professionals) and at any time. Referrals should be completed on the SST/504 Referral Form and submitted to the building level RTI/SST Coordinator.
Prior to completing the written referral, school staff should contact the RTI/SST Coordinator at the building level who will then contact the 504 Coordinator at the district office level and the school psychologist to seek input and/or guidance regarding the need for a referral. If there are dietary needs or food allergies, the Director of School Nutrition should be contacted.
The building level RTI/SST Coordinator will provide the written referral form to parent or staff, will assist the parent and/or staff in gathering appropriate student data, and will provide parents with appropriate notification.
The building level RTI/SST Coordinator will present these written referrals to the Section 504 Review Committee for determination of educational need. The Section 504 Review Committee is composed of persons knowledgeable about the student. They will give input regarding the student’s school history, the student’s individual needs, the meaning of the evaluation information, and educational options.
A staff member should refer a student for an evaluation under Section 504 if it is suspected that the student not only has a physical or mental impairment, but that it is also suspected that the impairment substantially limits one or more major life activities.

An evaluation is usually initiated by a request from a classroom teacher and/or parent. The school district is only required to evaluate the student if it has reason to believe the student has a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. If an evaluation is refused, notice must be given to the parent explaining the refusal along with the 504 due process rights.