Greetings from the Superintendent


As you peruse our website, you will find evidence of student engagement in a myriad of academic, extra-curricular, and community-based activities.  The Thomasville City School System and the citizens in the City of Thomasville have focused for 112 years on the investment of its resources to create students who develop into community and world-class leaders.  Our slogan - “Five Schools – One Mission:  Opening Windows of Opportunity for World Class Leaders” - is a simple but significant phrase that expresses the commitment of the students, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, and board of education members to create a meaningful instructional environment that sets the foundation for life-long learning. 

Over 3,000 students in Thomasville City Schools have access to state-of-the-art technology on every campus.  Our menu of programs offers dance, music, chorus, band, strings, literary, drama, club participation (such as ROTARY’s Interact Youth Program), culinary arts, health sciences, AFJROTC, horticulture, and a diverse and robust academic curriculum towards career pathways and college.  Our successfully competitive sports teams include tennis, golf, softball, track and field, baseball, basketball, football, weightlifting, and soccer.  We are currently exploring the feasibility to create a girls’ volleyball team as the result of an expressed interest in that sport.   

Our website tells only part of the story of the exciting activities going on in our classrooms and on our campuses.  I hope that the information you find on the schools’ and teachers’ pages is not only helpful, but that it motivates you to visit our schools and ultimately become a partner to the success of the students in our community.  We strive to communicate effectively with all of our stakeholders through multiple modalities of dialogue via school newsletters, newspaper articles, parent letters, email, electronically distributed calls and notices, and community engagement sessions.  Contact us so that you can learn more about our dynamic school system!  Your feedback is welcomed and will be used in our efforts towards continuous improvement. 

Thank you for your interest in Thomasville City Schools.



Opening Windows of Opportunity for World Class Leaders!