Lisajan Bailey 229-225-2600  Extn: 119
School Psychologist Email Lisajan Bailey
Denny Blake 229-225-2600  Extn: 122
Student Services Specialist Email Denny Blake
Sabrina Boykins-Everett 229-225-2600
Superintendent Email Sabrina Boykins-Everett
Deborah Bryant 229-225-2600  Extn: 114
Receptionist/Special Education Parent Mentor Email Deborah Bryant
Lisa Duncan 229-225-2600  Extn: 113
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Email Lisa Duncan
Jo Farrell 229-225-2634  Extn: 110
Director of Instruction & Curriculum Email Jo Farrell
Elaine Hamilton 229-225-2600  Extn: 120
School Psychologist Email Elaine Hamilton
Stonewall Jackson 229-225-2600  Extn: 131
Warehouse Coordinator Email Stonewall Jackson
LaRhonda Kirkland 229-225-2600  Extn: 117
Special Education Director Email LaRhonda Kirkland
Rhonda Law 229-225-2600  Extn: 124
Comptroller Email Rhonda Law
Dr. Tom McCall 229-225-2600  Extn: 132
Director of Assessment & Maintenance Operations Email Dr. Tom McCall
Dr. Daniel Oldham 229-225-2600  Extn: 123
Director of Finance & CTAE Email Dr. Daniel Oldham
Karen Rehberg 229-225-2631  Extn: 108
Director of School Nutrition Email Karen Rehberg
Keisha Ryals 229-225-2600  Extn: 129
Human Resource/Finance Assistant Email Keisha Ryals
Bill Settle 229-225-2600  Extn: 118
Federal Programs Director Email Bill Settle
Jocelyn Thompson 229-225-2600  Extn: 130
Director of Personnel & Early Learning Email Jocelyn Thompson
Denise Wagner 229-225-2631  Extn: 108
School Nutrition Bookkeeper Email Denise Wagner
Laura Willis 229-225-2600  Extn: 116
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Special Education Email Laura Willis